November 25, 2020

Being 11 months into 2020, it seems like we could all use a breath of fresh air. While we can't fix everything, we did decide to bring a breath of fresh air into something that hasn't changed or adapted a lot over the years, the cycling shoe! The result is the Tommaso Aria series of shoes. These shoes revolutionize the way that cycling shoes fit, feel, and breathe. With more people than ever cycling in 2020 and many of us having to cycling indoors as the weather gets colder, this is a much needed and welcomed advancement in shoe technology.



Seriously though, there is nothing worse than a sweaty cycling shoe that just doesn't let your foot breathe. You feet get miserable while riding in sauna like shoes and end up smelling from the lack of airflow. We have been dealing with this for years and decided to make a change. To do so, we changed the upper of our cycling shoes, by developing our new XD Knit Nylon technology. The XD Knit upper makes for the most breathable, performance cycling shoe on the market.

Shoe Illuminate from the inside to show breathability


The best part of this new technology, aside from an ultra-comfortable riding experience, is that we didn't sacrifice any power or performance in the process. We kept our industry leading lower, which is universally cleat compatible, and has maximum stiffness, for optimized power transfer. Now, you don't have to make compromises ... at least when it comes to your cycling shoes.

Ultra-stiff sole for optimal power transfer and amazing performance



Another common issue we sought to fix with the new XD Knit upper was the discomfort of non-compliant uppers that just doesn't hug your foot quite right. As cyclists, we know how annoying some of these problems can be, so we decided to step out of the box for a moment and fix some common complaints we have heard about cycling shoes over the past decade. The XD Knit upper is the most flexible upper we have ever tried and it literally hugs your foot like a second skin. This reduces pressure points and hot spots, ensuring your comfort while riding. The XD Knit upper is also incredibly strong and won't stretch from frequent use, so you know that this amazing fit is built to last.


We know that a great upper is nothing without an effective closure system, so update our closure systems as well. For the Tommaso Pista Aria and Strada Aria, we went old school with a traditional lace up system. Sometimes the old ways are best and riders are loving the lace up system. The advantage is that you can really dial in the fit to your specific needs and completely eliminate pressure points and discomfort that strap system sometimes cause. We also added an elastic band to safely tuck your laces during your ride. For the Tommaso Pista Elite and Strada Elite, we went with a multi-point quick lace system, for incredible ease of use, comfort, and sleek design. The quick lace system extends down the whole tongue of the shoe, providing comfortable control and support, that can be adjusted on demand.

Safely tuck lace away while riding, with elastic strap
Quick lace with three contact zones, for optimal for fitting performance


The Tommaso Aria shoe line consists of four new models, the Pista Aria, Strada Aria, and Strada Elite. There is a traditional lace up and a quick lace option for both men and women, so you can get the perfect shoe for you. The best part is, we are offering 15% off all shoes for the month of November, so be sure to take advantage of amazing introductory pricing while it last!

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