Tommaso Super Wicking Cycling Socks - 3 Pairs



The Tommaso Super Wicking Cycling Socks are designed to keep your feet cool and dry. These socks fit tight, keeping them from bunching and protecting your feet from blisters. They are also insanely well ventilated, keeping your feet comfortable even on long, hot rides.

    • THE ULTIMATE CYCLING SOCK: Not all cycling socks are created equally, and with the Tommaso Super Wicking Cycling Socks, you will feel the difference immediately. If you have been riding with your regular cotton socks, it is time for an upgrade.
    • EXTREME VENTILATION AND MOISTURE WICKING: These socks are designed to effectively wick away all moisture and provide the best ventilation ever. Thanks to the amazing Dry-Fast technology, these socks quickly expel hot air, allowing your feet to naturally cool. This combination keeps your feet comfortable and dry, even during your hardest rides.
    • ELIMINATE HOT SPOTS & BLISTERS: These socks fit tight, without excess material to eliminate bunching and stretching during your rides. This minimizes friction and eliminates hot spots, keeping your feet comfortable and blister free. One ride is all it takes to feel the difference.
    • THE PERFECT FIT & VALUE: Whether you prefer a high cut or a low cut sock, we have you covered. These socks are designed to give every rider the perfect fit and feel. Plus, each order comes with three pairs of socks, so your feet are always fresh and happy!
    • BUILT TO LAST: These socks are made from a durable blend of 70% Nylon and 30% Elastane. This combination is made to be ridden hard and built to last.

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