Cleat Placement




1. Place your cleat on the bottom of your cycling shoe. Line up the holes on the cleat with the holes on the bottom of your shoe and place one washer in each of the three recessed holes on your cleat.

2. Insert the screws through each washer into each of the holes of your shoe. Use your Allen wrench to bolt them, but don’t completely tighten. Align your cleat to the desired position and then tighten all screws



1. Put your cleat on the shoe, approximately where you want them, being sure that the toothy side” of the cleat is against the sole, and the pointy “arrow” of the cleat is towards the toe of the shoe. Put the oval washer on top of the cleat in the recessed space, and put the screws in using the Allen wrench but don’t completely tighten. Align your cleats to the desired position.

2. Once you get the cleat in the right position, tighten all screws with the Allen wrench

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