Damage Returns Guidelines

If your bike becomes damaged during your Risk Free Test Ride, there will be a re-stocking fee deducted from your total refund.  The re-stocking fee is directly related to the amount of damage to the bicycle, and can be up to 50% off the total purchase price in extreme cases.

Re-stocking fees are not assessed for the minor wear and tear that occurs on a bike after a month of riding. These fees are only applied when damaged has been done to the bike, such as a crash, stripping crank arms, deep scratches or chips in the paint, etc. In the event that you want to return a damaged bike, please let us know before initiating your Risk Free Test Ride return.

Before any refund is issued on a damaged item, you will be emailed by a customer service agent informing you of any damage to the item. If you have any questions regarding a damaged return or our Risk Free Test Ride, please contact our friendly service staff at:



or on the site through Live Chat

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