Our Technologies

Tommaso TRS AL6061 Frame
– All Tommaso Aluminum bikes use this superior quality alloy to offer our riders the absolute highest performance. This level of quality is achieved through precipitation hardening for added strength and durability, coupled with the premium corrosion resistance of our 6061 Alloy. This level of frame quality allows Tommaso to confidently offer our groundbreaking lifetime warranty.

Tommaso UltraCompact Handlebars
– Have you ever wished it was easier to use the drop portion of your handlebars? If you answered yes, you are not alone, as compact handlebars are gaining praise for obvious reasons. With a reach of 80mm and a drop of 125mm Tommaso handlebars allow riders to utilize all bar positions with easy, maximizing efficiency and comfort. We also put flat areas in the center portion of the bar, to reduce stress on your wrists while riding.

– For the saddle, Tommaso teamed up with WTB to bring you comfort and performance in a sleek package. The Volt is incredibly lightweight, while offering plenty of padding and pressure relief zones for all day comfort. The specially designed “Love Channel” avoids unwanted pressure on soft-tissue, while keeping the saddle strong enough for the toughest rides.

Tommaso Corsa Wheels
– This incredible wheelset offers the strength and reliability of 20 Front and 24 Rear spokes, allowing them to perform year after year. This lightweight wheelset features a 20mm rim profile for maximum weight savings

Tommaso Corsa Off Road Wheels
Ride on and off road with these off road rims. Featuring 32 spokes in the front and rear, these are our toughest wheels ever. Get speed on the pavement, control in gravel, and cruise dirt paths with ease. Don't limit your riding, push your limits and explore.

Tommaso Corsa Carbon Wheels
– This premium carbon wheel line was designed with one thing in mind, making premium carbon rims available to riders at the best price on the market. These wheels are lightweight, have the perfect amount of stiffness, and offer incredible aerodynamic advantages. If you are looking for your fastest, lightest, and most comfortable ride ever, the Tommaso Corsa line is the perfect addition to your ride.

HCT (High-Modulus Carbon) Fork
– Our High-Modulus Monocoque Carbon Technology is used in every carbon fiber fork and frame that we sell. This blend of extremely small fiber weave and premium resins offer a lighter, stiffer, and faster carbon fiber weave. Get one a Tommaso today and feel the difference for yourself.

FES (Flex Elimination System)
– Flex is the enemy of speed and efficiency, which is exactly why Tommaso developed the Flex Elimination System. Our reinforced High-Modulus Carbon fiber constructions creates a stiffer frame than the competition. This stiffness means that every bit of effort you are putting into your ride is turning into pure power, for the highest level of energy efficiency.

PPS (Power Propulsion Stays)
– Our Power Propulsion Stays work in conjunction with the Flex Elimination System by providing minimal flex and maximum power transfer. We don't believe your hard earned energy should go to waste, so we make sure you get to utilize all of it for maximum efficiency. The PPS system allows for exponential propulsion of energy to allow you to give it your all on the longest and hardest rides.

EECS (Elite Engineered Carbon Series)
– The Tommaso Elite Engineered Carbon Series offers riders full carbon from frame to fork. We use only premium Toray T700 and HCT carbon to maximize strength, durability, and stiffness, to create the most comfortable and efficient ride ever. This level of strength allows us to offer our industry leading lifetime warranty on every carbon bike.

OGS (Optimized Geometry System)
– The Optimized Geometry System is specifically designed to put you in the optimal position for performance and comfort. Gone are the days of having to sacrifice your back for a more powerful or aerodynamic position. The compact frame geometry will allow you to push your riding harder and farther than ever before thanks to OGS.

Carbon EPS (Elite Propulsion Stays)
– The Elite Propulsion Stays offer unmatched power transfer and performance. Turn every pedal stroke into pure power with our Carbon EPS technology.

SLC (Super Light Carbon)
– This lightweight Toray T800 monocoque carbon fiber frame weighs in at an incredible 850 grams. The carbon is powerful and stiff, offering maximum power transfer and speed with every pedal stroke.